Pupils are entered for the Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examinations or Presentation Classes at the discretion of the Principals.

The RAD examinations require a high standard and extra coaching in the period leading up to the examination is necessary, particularly as the student progresses through the higher grades.

The speed of development of individual students may vary, so extra time spent, particularly when growth spurts occur, can only be beneficial in the long term.

The aims of the exams are to reward achievement and increase self confidence through learning, memorizing and performing sequences of movement and dances. It also gives them an appreciation through practical experience of three contrasting dance disciplines, classical ballet, free movement and character dances, with the accompanying music.

Classification of marking

Distinction  75% - 100%
Merit 55% - 74%
Pass 40% - 54%
Standard not attained 0% - 39%

Results from the last seven sessions

127 Pupils entered

 64 pupils gained Distinction

 63 pupils gained Merit